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Here's a place to pursue topics in more depth than can be done in the classroom.

Terrance Hayes

Notes on Gates and The Signifying Monkey

Rita Dove

Robert Hayden

Ruth Ellen Kocher

Elizabeth Alexander

Lucille Clifton

Cornelius Eady

Yusef Komunyakaa

Kate Rushin

Harryette Mullen

Toni Morrison

Marcus Gardley

Nalo Hopkinson

Audre Lorde

Reginald Shepherd

Howard Craft

Marta Moreno Vega

Samiya Bashir

Major Jackson


Tim Seibles

Christian Campbell

Evie Shockley

Karla Holloway

Jewelle Gomez  

Natasha Tretheway

Reginald Harris

If I'm teaching an algebra course, for example, someone might want to learn about famous women mathematicians. Or maybe I'm teaching English this term and my students are curious about Shakespeare's life or Elizabethan England. I will use this page to give students what they're looking for by going into depth about my subject.

Here's an example of the type of material I could include:

African Mathematics

There is evidence to suggest that African Mathematics began more than 8000 years ago. A carved bone dating from between 9000 BC and 6500 BC was found at Ishango in Zaire. The markings indicate that these prehistoric people used a base-10 number system (just like we do) and were familiar with prime numbers and the operation of multiplying by 2. A series of notches on the Ishango bone appear to approximate a lunar calendar, suggesting a fairly sophisticated knowledge of astronomy.

Related Links

In this area I might include links with more information on subjects we've discussed in class.

For example, this site offers the history of word meanings:

Be sure to send me suggestions for the next In Depth segment.